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All employees deserve Award Plaques

Hello. It's truth that our work can be very tired and sometimes even unmotivational. Especially when we work a lot, but we are not happy of specific things like our salary, our working hours, even a problem with a co-worker, etc. But there are some special little things that can change this -> the fact that the company manager is confident by our results. So let's think about what he/she can do it in order to achieve this and especially how often the boss should award his/her employees? I will tell you about my experience in an organization that praise its employees with photo plaques.

I received an award letter telling me that my boss recognizes me for making positive contribution to his organization. But what was so special about this? Well, maybe the fact that this was my first award I've ever received. Two of my co-workers received a few months later perpetual plaques as they reached their target in selling. This seems to be motivated them as the next month one of them even managed to beat his own record in sales. So, I can say that such plaques and awards work extremely incredible and is a good way to increase productivity and quality gains.

It all works good, but a few months ago, I had a conversation with a very good friend of mine. He has a bad experience with such an "award". The top salesperson award was given 3 times in a row to a specific employee. But others don't receive anything. And he felt like he is not necessary for the organization at all. In such cases this will harm the working process and can lead to additional drop in productivity and motivation.

So, it's really important when managers give such award plaques to their employees to be extremely careful not to do anything wrong. A few quick tips could be:
- Give them to a specific employee, but show the others that next time they could deserve it too;
- Give custom plaques to all employees without an exception to show them that you are happy with the results and try motivating them even more;
- Give them a certificate, any gift or monetary award for job being done extremely good.

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